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Angel Number Bracelet

Angel Number Bracelet

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Angel Number


Our angel number bracelet is a piece of jewellery that features a combination of numbers that are believed to have spiritual significance. Each number represents a specific message or meaning that can provide guidance, encouragement, or inspiration to the wearer.

111 - Alignment and manifestation

222 - Balance and harmony

333 - Spiritual growth and development

444 - Protection and support

555 - Change and transformation

666 - Balance between physical and spiritual

777 - Spiritual awakening and inner wisdom

888 - Abundance and prosperity

999 - Completion and closure

Wearing our angel number bracelet can serve as a reminder to stay connected to your spiritual path and to trust in the guidance and support of the universe!


One size fits all.


- Premium silver plated/14K gold plated stainless steel
- Hypoallergenic composition

Care information

- Avoid wearing while bathing/showering

- Avoid chemicals

- Clean with soft cloths

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